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Vacuum Cleaner Servicing

We aim to offer a service to people on an item that provides a service to them. Why should you service your vacuum?

  • Cost Effective
  • Low cost solution
  • Convenient
  • Engineer comes to you
  • Comprehensive
  • Service and Parts

Vacuum cleaners are expensive items to replace, they should therefore be looked after with a service to ensure they can continue to operate to their full potential.

Our service is carried out in your own home so there are are no inconvenient shipments or hidden costs involved.

Our engineers are trained to diagnose faults at the same time as performing a 30 point safety and performance check to keep your costs to a minimum.

If a vacuum is not regulalry serviced you  can find that the product, after a period of time, is not doing what you bought it for and is effectively leaving the dirt behind!!